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HSS Interlink™ v3.0

HSS Interlink™, a File Upload and Download management and control suite for ASP.NET, HTML/JS, MVC 3/4, Silveright 5, .NET 4.0 and Windows Azure Blob Storage

Online Demo:

June 18, 2012 - HSS Interlink File Handlers

Created nuget package for your web projects: Install-Package hss.interlink.filehandlers

  • Appropriate webconfig changes
  • Default UploadHandler.cs
  • Default DownloadHandler.cs

June 14, 2012 - HSS Interlink v3.0

Highlight of some of the new features (see source for demos and examples):

  • Standalone UploadClient/DownloadClient - No UI so can be re-used in any appliation
  • Standalone UploadClient for Windows Azure Blob Storage 
  • Removed the dependency on a ChildWindow - main UI is now a UserControl
  • Now supports direct integration with Javascript/Html (see test project)
  • New Upload Manager to coordinate uploading one or more files
  • UploadFile (file row) can be sub-classed and re-templated as desired
  • UploadClient can be extended or replaced with your own custom client
  • Since all UI are controls, can easily be enhanced, re-templated and extended
  • Improved server side handlers and pipeline handling
  • Added built-in support for chunk-retry
  • Added new options for caching and cache management

7/22/2011 for Silverlight 4 - Release v2.2.100
Download here

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