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Source code confusion


Excuse the issue vs discussion but there was confusion I had in building your version and I think the recent changes you made took things back a step.
In you deleted the internal source code directory which seemed like a copy, yet all of the files in that location have a newer created timestamp in the code headers. For the most part this is the only change but there is definitely more when I do a directory diff.
Hss.Interlink -> Missing DownloadCompletedEventArgs, a radically altered DownloadFileDialog, FileQuery has ResolveUri method. ResourceMgr has the GlobeImage property. UploadFileDialog is altered slightly. UploadFileDialogViewModel checks for the DefaultUploadUri. UploadFileViewModel changed SetPending to a Uri parameter not string and removed the GetRelativeUrl() call.
Hss.Interlink.Web -> BaseDownloadHandler/UploadHandler has the Download/UploadTempFolder property. FileQuery has globalization or specifically the InvariantCulture. InterlinkUtilities has GetAppRelativeTempFolder instead of GetCodeGenFolder.
TestClient -> MainPage.xaml.cs is different due to the UploadUri, DownloadUri, and DownloadCompletedEventArgs.
Basically all you'd really have to do is move the files I mentioned from the child back to the parent and overwrite them. If you wanted to be thorough, change the Created timestamp back to the original values as well.
I couldn't tell you how that child directory somehow became the default but it had me scratching my head the first time I used the project. I had removed the child directory myself thinking it was redundant but upon looking at the actual release in codeplex I realized I was missing some newer features and added it back. Kudos on cleaning it up but getting those files back to their later revisions should help everyone going forward.
Thanks again for the great project. It's saved me a ton of time.
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hyspdrt wrote Jul 22, 2011 at 5:23 PM

Thanks for catching the mistake and letting me know! Will fix ASAP.

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Resolved with changeset 68141.

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